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The pit rumors at Reno are always a fascinating part of any visit to the action of the Worlds Fastest Motorsport. Some are believable; some, simply fantastic ramblings from some of the throng of fans who frequent the ramp at Reno...

When information began circulating that the Dago Red Air Racing Team would make an additional attempt at the "mystical" 500mph lap on Sunday after the Unlimited Gold Race... at first, we simply dismissed it as one of those things we hear that are in the realm of the "nice idea but not gonna happen" ....

As the weekend rolled on, this "rumor" picked up a life and it began to be something that was heard from so many different sources, it became believable. When the attempt was included on the schedule for Sunday's activities... the "rumor" became fact... *IF* they won and were running at the end of the race, Dago Red would, indeed, make the attempt.

Conversation among racers and fans alike ran the gamut from "I would never do it" to "WOW... this is going to be cool!" Indeed, many of us found ourselves questioning the wisdom of making such an attempt with an already well worked out engine, especially immediately after a hard run at the Gold against some pretty stiff competition.. But it was to be done and to a man, everyone we talked with wished the team the best of luck in the endeavor...

To say this Reno Sunday was a bit different than usual would be a distinct understatement! First, right after the Unlimited Gold Race, virtually every classic jet on the field at Reno took to the sky, participating in the first annual Jet Demonstration Race... Racers and fans were in awe of this fantastic and VERY FUN run by the jets! We'll have more on this feature later, including an interview with one of the proponents of the Jet Demonstration Class, Jimmy Leeward..

For now.. let's begin our 2000 Reno National Air Race "Retro" coverage from the end, working our way back to the beginning.

With an amazing amount of imagery, video coverage and audio files at our disposal, World of Wings and AAFO.COM will bring you the sights and sounds of Reno 2000 for many months to come!

Stay with us as we relive the most exciting event in Aviation:
The Reno National Championship Air Races and Air Show!

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