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    In a century or ten, when the human empire has extended to the stars, it will be the culmination of the journey begun by the X-planes of the 20th century. Their history must be preserved and we are preserving it. Welcome Aboard

    Introducing HPM Publications
    (Historians of Experimental Aviation and Space Flight)

    HPM Publications

    Press Release No. 5 - 27 Jan 2005

    "To publish is to preserve"

    HPM Publications was started in late 1994 with the objective of preserving in book form the detailed history of experimental aircraft (or X-planes) and test pilots. So far we have published 26 books. Almost all are the FIRST and so far ONLY books about their respective subjects. They fill a gap in the aviation history library and will remain useful historical reference works for generations to come.
    We print only small runs, sometimes as few as 150 copies, and we cover the types that very few publishers cover.
    Most publishers and authors focus on titles that have big sales potential, ignoring the obscure one-of-a-kind X-planes with poor market potential and limited readership. Sadly, this leaves many fascinating projects and individuals in the dark, their history fading with time.
    All the genius and sacrifice that goes into an X-plane should not be allowed to go unrecorded.
    Human expansion into space is just beginning. It dit not start with the first satellite or the first manned space flight. It took root with the X-planes, those formidable, exotic, sometmes lethal machines which explored the ocean above with new shapes, new engines and new structures. Brave captains charted unknown abysses. Sometimes they perished when their ships went down or exploded. Their history must be preserved.

    Our publications:

    Soviet Space Shuttle
    De Havilland DH 108
    P.1127 Prototype Flight Testing
    The Saga of the Bell X-2
    Northrop MX-324
    Samolyot 346
    Gemini Paraglider
    Geoffrey de Havilland
    Jean "Skip" Ziegler
    Jack Woodman
    Boulton Paul Chief Test Pilot Ben Gunn
    Mach Busters: X-1 Test Pilots
    Eric Genders
    NASA Flight Evaluation of Hawker P.1127
    Five Great Post-war US X-Planes
    Mirage I: A Pictorial Tribute
    Prelue to Eurofighter: EAP
    Saga of SR.53
    E.28/39 Pioneer
    DH 110
    Dassault Rafale A
    Comet 1
    Vertical Explorers
    Sound Barrier
    Handley Page HP. 115

    Coming soon and not featured yet in our website:

    World X-Planes Magazine Issue No. 1

    Lockheed XV-4 Hummingbird

    Dassault Balzac (in French)

    The X-Plane Puzzles

    The X-Plane Posters

    HPM Publications Canada

    Phone : 1-514-731-1781

    E-Mail :