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  • Chino Airshow 2002

    For 2002, The Air Museum Planes of Fame at the Chino Airport has returned its annual airshow to its traditional spring date. Airshow 2002 will take place over the weekend of May 18 - 19. Titled "United We Stood, United We Stand", Airshow 2002 will showcase the aircraft of the American/British alliance, both past and present.

    If one recalls the fact that the first two major wars thrust upon the United States were against England, it must certainly be a major irony that the two nations are now the most steadfast of allies. However, in spite of those initial conflicts, the United States and England have always essentially shared a common language, code of law, culture and sense of values. That became quite evident when the United States eventually allied itself with England and France against Germany in World War I and was reinforced when the United States and England joined forces against the Axis powers in World War II. Since then, even though the two nations may not always have been in complete agreement on all international issues, their friendship has been steadfast and today they are certainly among the strongest of allies on the planet.

    Even before the United States was directly involved in World War I and World War II, American flyers fought alongside their English cousins against the common enemies. The most notable example of that was the organization of the American Eagles Squadrons which fought against Germany before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and this nation's entry into that war. After the United States did finally declare war on the Axis forces, the Eagle Squadrons formed the nucleus of the early U.S. Army Air Forces' fighter squadrons based in England.

    Reflecting that history, during Airshow 2002 American and British warbirds will fly side-by-side in the sky over Chino. Just in time to be included in the event, two of the most famous British fighter planes of all time, a Hawker Hurricane and a Supermarine Spitfire, have taken up residence at The Air Museum Planes of Fame. Brought to the United States by the Friedkin Family Chino Warbird Collection, the two British fighters are now on fulltime display at The Air Museum Planes of Fame and will fly alongside American fighter planes like the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk and North American P-51 Mustang.

    However, Airshow 2002 will also feature a great variety of other warbirds, antique and classic aircraft and even more modern jet combat aircraft. The popular U.S. Air Force Heritage Flight and U.S. Navy Tailhook Legacy Flight in which World War II fighters fly alongside their modern jet contemporaries are expected to return to Chino for Airshow 2002 as well. Some British jet fighters will even be displayed at the event alongside their American contemporaries. Aerobatic displays will also be a feature of the event. Alongside the aircraft on the display line will be a variety of vendors with all sorts of aviation memorabilia available to the public as well as food and beverage stands.

    The gates for Airshow 2002 will open at 8 am and flying routines will be conducted throughout both days of the weekend. Admission will be $10 for adults and youngsters 11 and under will be admitted free of charge when accompanied by adults. Advance discount tickets are available directly from The Air Museum Planes of Fame until May 17, 200 for $8, and $2 discount coupons can be obtained from many local merchants in Southern California. Ample free parking will be available for Airshow 2002.

    For more information, please visit or call 909-597-3722