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Nikon D3000 Memory cards?

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    Re: Nikon D3000 Memory cards?

    I use a 16 gb class 10 SD for my D7000, shooting RAW format. Make that a pair of 16 gb cards. I don't know that (in this case) size matters, or the class. As far as I know, the class 10s are the fastest read/write cards. The issue I run into with the D7000 shooting in burst mode is that I run out of memory buffer after about 10 frames and it really lags. The faster it can write to the card, the better.

    The worst thing I've found about shooting a lot of pics is that once you're done, you have to edit the same amount of pics. It took me a week to swim through the stuff I shot at Reno last year.


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  • wolfee
    started a topic Nikon D3000 Memory cards?

    Nikon D3000 Memory cards?

    Hey guys I received a Nikon D3000 for Christmas and it has an 8 gig memory card that came with it. But I know that will not hold as many pics as I will be taking over the next few weeks and then for the air races. So I am looking to buy a couple new memory cards.
    The problem is the Manuel is VERY vague on the memory cards size and class rating the camera will accept. Also Nikon USA's info is limited as well.

    Any one out there use a 64 gig or 32 gig class 10 memory card for their in camera memory? Please let me know how you like it or how they work for your needs.

    Will a30mb r/w speed be ok or will a 45mb r/w speed be good enough or do I really need to step up and get a 90mb r/w speed card, or will the camera even be able to utilize that kind of write speed to the card?

    Any info would be awesome!