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San Francisco Yacht Club's Great Schooner Race 2015

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  • San Francisco Yacht Club's Great Schooner Race 2015

    I had the opportunity to shoot the SFYC's Schooner race as crew aboard a 108 year old schooner that was built in San Francisco in 1907 and is the oldest flagship of the SFYC. Her name is the Martha

    The Martha is doing the TransPac race from Long Beach to Hawaii next month. She is the oldest boat to enter. I think she will do great. We hit a new record speed through the water during the SF race at 11.3 kts. We were the last to start, but had the fastest elapsed time on course.
    The first shot is of Martha in the Master Mariners race a couple weeks before.

    A shot that could just as easily been taken 100 years ago. Scow Schooner Alma on the right, and Schooner Brigadoon on the left.

    Trimming the Jib aboard Martha

    Schooner "Mayan" off Tiburon before the race. Mayan was formerly owned by David Crosby (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) She is a beautiful boat that now calls Santa Cruz home.

    Schooner Yankee (built in Stone Boatworks S.F 1906, effectively Martha's older sister.)

    Two for one. Overtaking Jakatan and Brigadoon.

    Yankee punching through a swell with Angel Island in the background. We were north and east of Alcatraz.

    Making big gains on Elizabeth Muir. (We got around her.)

    Mayan and another schooner beating up wind.

    Elizabeth Muir about 2 minutes ahead of us.

    Beating our way upwind with just a little too much canvas flying.

    We should have followed Mayan's lead. This was where she got away from us.

    Yeah, we got wet...

    We had water blasting through the scuppers. The railing was under, the deck was submerged, and there was water in the cockpit.

    Elizabeth Muir trying to keep pace.

    Yankee after the race off Tiburon.

    Done for the day.

    Martha below deck. The wood is mostly Honduran Mahogany, the glass doors on the cabinets are leaded glass.

    It was an amazing day of racing. Martha calls Port Townsend Washington home. She will be back there in late August.

    Here is the rest of my album.

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    Re: San Francisco Yacht Club's Great Schooner Race 2015

    Very cool ca ca! MANY thanks for sharing!!!!!

    Wayne Sagar
    "Pusher of Electrons"


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      Re: San Francisco Yacht Club's Great Schooner Race 2015

      As a side note, schooner Martha left the bay area July 5 and headed down to Long Beach where she took part in the Transpac race from Long Beach to Honolulu Hi. She was the oldest boat to ever race, and she did quite well. From Hawaii, she made her way up to Victoria BC for the wooden boat festival there. She won the race in Victoria, then went south to a port in Washington where they raced again and finished 2nd. She is now home after a year in Port Townsend Washington.