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Must be that time of year....

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  • Must be that time of year....

    ... more than 50% of my conversations involve the words "Merlin", "ADI", "spraybar", and "4360."

    Hi folks,

    Forgive an awkward hello, if you will. I've been following along here for some time and thought it was high time I jumped in.

    I've been going to Reno (with a couple of misses) since 1993, and would save my last dime for a pit pass even if it meant having to skip an ice cream bar once I got in.

    Can't wait to pitch my tent on Thursday and hit the ramp!

    It seems to be traditional to add a pic when you start out, so here's one from 2009 via my well loved (and now retired) Canon A-1. Since it's the 100th anniversary of Naval Aviation, I think the subject is appropriate.

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    Re: Must be that time of year....

    Welcome aboard! Please post away....

    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen." Albert Einstein