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  • T 6 Racers Full History

    The full history of T 6 Texans Closed Course Pylon Racing 1946 - 2023 in extraordinary (very detailed 400 pages) new book titled ROARING TEXANS by
    Robert "Bob" Kennedy available here:​
    Title: Roaring Texans The History of Texan Closed Course Pylon Racing, 1946–2023 Roaring Texans is a complete history of North American Aviation’s famous pilot trainer used in the world’s fastest motorsport – closed course pylon air racing. Always in the shadow of the Unlimited Class racers, these “stock cars of air ra

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    T6 History book' How much in USA Cash & can I send it USA cash?
    Lockheed Bob


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      I used my us credit card ...send an e-mail to the publisher as to other methods of payment. Good luck great book well worth it...


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        The website lets you choose the currency. U.S. is $39.00 for the book. International Tracked shipping to me is $25.46, Royal Airmail is $30.57.


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          Boy, I haven't seen or heard anything from or about Bob for well over 20 years. He is very knowledgable about all aspects of the sport, and was writing about the sport as far back as the late 1970s at least. A really good guy and this book is needed, before the knowledge just drifts away. Good for him and I hope the book is a success.



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            Neal Nurmi

            Bob Kennedy has requested that you contact him here:

            Robert Kennedy <>