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    here is a photo that's brings a lot of memories. I call it morning Coffie break waiting for the morning press briefing at the 1985 Bakersfield Air Race are a few photographers.
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    Hi Shawn. I missed this when you posted it -- and it does indeed bring back memories!

    On the left is Shawn's father Chuck Aro (later to be Charlene). Chuck was a veteran air race shooter when I started and remained a Reno shooter long after I left. His stuff has been published all over the world for decades. I remember him back in the day mailing photos and press releases to local and regional news papers and publications to try and get some coverage for air racing. He was one of the good ones.

    On the right is Yukio Nagai. He was a good photographer, though he published in Japan rather than here so was not well known outside the Reno Press corps. Yukio came over from Japan every single year for decades and was always a friendly face at the races. His English was always spotty, and communication sometimes difficult, but he was a familiar and respected presence nonetheless.

    In the middle is some guy that was always hanging around....

    Thank you very much for posting this, Shawn. It does bring back memories.

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