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2023 Air Races

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  • 2023 Air Races

    2023 was my 40th year. With media and press here is some photos from last year it was still hard to not have my dad there

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    The work produced by Chuck/Charlene Aro is very much missed. Thank you so much for sharing here Shawn!

    PS: I still have nagonline. org or com or something.. costs me a few bucks a year to maintain ownership of it.. As I've told you before, it's yours for the taking! I don't build websites any more (can barely figure out how to make changes/updates to this one!)

    But, you are pretty much the surviving energy behind the NAG and I am pretty sure that a lot of us would not like to see the group gone. My days of closely covering air racing are done but I believe NAG could help encourage the photo/journalists coming up who might cover the races (if they succeed). You have my email and phone, let me know...
    Wayne Sagar
    "Pusher of Electrons"


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      well i do have the Facebook Nag page I really don't what the status is on Nag we had a meeting. last September and I haven't heard anything.

      on it as you nay know we did loose Betty Sherman last September so we don't have a Board Membership


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        I was told that Tim Maloney has all the NAG stuff now.
        May all your bent wings be F2G Corsairs!


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          yes, that's what was told to me too.