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A Kiwi's First - and Final - Flag at Reno (article w/pics)

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  • A Kiwi's First - and Final - Flag at Reno (article w/pics)

    Hi all,
    Vintage Aviation News asked me to write about Reno from a first-timer's point of view. Here's the article, I hope you like it:
    Zac in NZ

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    Excellent article Zac. I am glad you were able to experience the air races and to be out at the pylons, wow. I feel fortunate that Reno is a 3 hour drive for me and have been attending since 1984 but I have not been out to the pylons. Anticipation was high for the remaining gold races Sunday. Unfortunately the last Reno air race we all had a sad ending.


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      Was good to meet you Zac! You ARE one energetic fellow! Guys like you are the next generation of aviation fans/activists drawing attention to the amazing world of flight! (not a pilot but LOVE to fly!!)
      Wayne Sagar
      "Pusher of Electrons"


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        I actually caught this about two weeks ago when it showed up on my newsfeed (you know how Google shows you stuff you're interested in - it's a cookie thing) and I was certainly taken back. It was like "whoa, I know this know this guy! How awesome!!!" Excellent job Zac!
        Mark K....


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          Awesome job Zac, it was great to meet you in person!



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            Thanks for the kind words guys! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience...but boy am I keen to get to 2025!
            Zac in NZ