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    Having been down with Covid for a couple of days I've been going through the bookshelf to keep me amused. Amongst other fine titles I ventures into Reed Kinert's racing annuals, of which it had been some time since I last looked at. In the 1972 annual (1971 season) there is a three view and some b&w photos of William Hanson's WH-1 Special # 35 N35WH. It was later owned and flown by Tom Summers as "Sump 'n Else". Today with the Planes of Fame. In the 71 season it was raced by Ken Haas and Jim Dulin at Cleveland. Flown by Tom Cooney as "Thunderchicken" at Reno. It was according to Kinert in a black paint job with blue numbers outlined in white that season.

    It looks kinda neat in the b&w photos so I was wondering if the intrepid photographers here at AAFO did shoot a color photo of this racer that year which is worthy of posting?

    Also, does any forumites remember the plane, knew the participants, have a good story or further details regarding this racer feel free to share.

    T J​