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Full Noise had a bad day.

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  • Full Noise had a bad day.

    I don't know the full details, but it sounds like Graeme aborted a takeoff and went off the end of the runway doing moderate damage to the plane. I guess the good news is that it happened at Omaka, and nobody was injured. The other good news is that Omaka has a Yak restoration shop on the field.


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    At least he has a leg-up on dis-assembly for packing....
    ...i'll see myself out.
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      Here is Graeme's official comment on the subject. (from Facebook)

      Firstly thank you to all those who have contacted us with support after my accident yesterday, It’s very humbling. I’m fortunate to be unhurt, a testament to the strength of the Yak-3 design.
      There’s no hiding from the fact that we’ve damaged Full Noise after overrunning the end of the runway at our home airfield after an aborted take-off. It was a split second decision I made but I’d like to impress that the airplane was running fine at the time. I’d rather not Monday morning Quarterback the reasons for the accident, the reality is in the photos.
      You’ll see we’ve recovered her and from some angles she doesn’t look too bad. We will assess her future over the next while and of course keep everyone updated on progress.
      A huge thank you to Jay and the team from JEM Aviation Ltd for recovering Full Noise, Sharn and team from Marlborough Aero Club - M.A.C for their quick response, Graham and Jane Orphan from Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, Bill Reid and the many Omaka Airfield residents that came to help.
      Thank you again and here’s to Full Noise 2.0

      These pics won't stick around long, but for those who aren't on FB, they can be seen for a little while.



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        The good news is a deal was recently worked out with the insurers and Full Noise will return Work is well underway, Graeme personally boxed up the engine to go to Joe Yancey and JEM Aviation's team (and other firms at Omaka, her home base) got into action pretty much immediately.
        Zac in NZ