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GOOD NEWS RARA Email: Seeking New Venue!: Where?

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    Originally posted by Pete View Post
    I just did a quick google maps search of the six sites. I'm assuming access to commercial flights and population centers are high priority. Facility is a necessity.

    Casper looks like it would work facility wise but it is the only commercial airport in the area and its 4 hours drive from Denver. How's that gonna work?

    Too much suburb near thermal. Not much tarmac

    Buckeye is close to Pheonix but is right next to the highway.... where does the course run? and only one runway

    Roswell has plenty of space but is four hours from ABQ

    Wendover is big, plenty of pavement. 90 minutes from Salt Lake. No neighbors to the south.

    Pueblo has good runways, plenty of open space to the north. Crowd looks North. Under 2 hours from Denver, 45 min from Colorado Springs.

    With no knowledge about the organization, politics in RARA, politics at the venue, money, the bidding process, or anything else, My bet is on Pueblo as first choice, then Wendover.
    Buckeye is already set for construction of a second runways. Work is starting soon.


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      Originally posted by Race5 View Post

      Buckeye is already set for construction of a second runways. Work is starting soon.
      that's encouraging.

      Buckeye is close to Phoenix, a definite plus. Phoenix area is 1.6M people, a lot more locals to draw attendance from than Reno area at about 300K

      But I'm not seeing how the fast guys make turn 1 before the highway. and there are commerical dairies under what would be pylons 8&9 on a reno shaped course layed out to the west. The cows may not react well to raceplanes.

      I'm not saying it wont work. I'm asking how to make it work.