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Thanks to all reporters all week

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  • Thanks to all reporters all week

    A BIG THANK YOU to all of those posting info, updates, photos,and behind the scenes scoops this week!

    You folks made the agony of missng one of the great years somehow BEARable (pun intended) and until youv'e been "on this side of pylons" you won't know how much even a little info trickling in can keep you from going nuts. I remember missing in 1984 and not hearing a thing (no TV news, obviously no Internet) and having to wait about three weeks for the Western Flyer newspaper to hit my mailbox to know ANYTHING. Pure agony!

    Extra HUGE 5-bladed PROPS to Wayne who labored here in what we will probably never know as most difficult times of discomfort and extreme fatigue. Without AAFO this week we would have been miserable. We will certainly be praying for your healthy presence at Nellis in November Mr. Sagar!

    Again, super job folks. Don't stop now. After getting home and unpacked Monday or Tuesday evening post us some more anecdotes, photos, and any stories you may have heard in the wait till next year department.

    A Grateful Dad and Sons in North Idaho,

    Lowell, Joseph & Benjamin Thompson

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    Re: Thanks to all reporters all week

    Hi Lowell !
    Thank you for taking the time to give some credit to everyone who has posted pix and news. Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate the feedback!! Will be posting a lot more pictures as time and internet access allow. Slow, Slow on my laptop and dial-up connection but worth it. Even lost my password to log in . . . oh well!

    More to come - - stay with us!
    Merlin Mz and Firecat
    (Sue Petersen and Pat LaMay)


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      Re: Thanks to all reporters all week

      Yeah! What he said!

      Race 29
      Full throttle till you see God, then turn left!