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Observations from the fence....

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  • Observations from the fence....

    Well, I got there too late to see Big Bossman..DAMN!

    Had lots of wind and dust was blowing a bit......

    Saw a pretty good race in Sport with Thunder Mustang taking the early lead and Mr. Greenameyers' Legacy in second. It appeared to me that Mr. Parker was holding his own and may have experienced a problem, with the Legacy soon overtaking.

    The T-6s ran but, I had a hard time telling the participants from way back on the fence. It appeared it was the Silver racers as I didn't see Nick, Al or Marys' planes.

    We watched the Silver Race and it was a great match-up! Mr. Pardues' Sea Fury and Riff Raff were dueling the whole time with Miss A closing in. All 3 planes came around the pylon(6?)together and then Miss A pulled off the course with a small trail of smoke, just as they passed in front of us. He landed OK and I hope they can bring her back for the weekend. She looked real good while reeling in the leaders. VooDoo and Argonaut had a good battle for the other spots with VooDoo edging out Argonaut. The race between Howard and 'Hoot' was excellent! They were very close the whole race! Miss A was ready to pounce on them, though!

    The Jets ran and the safe money had to be on 'American Spirit'. He led the entire race in convincing fashion. Congrats!

    That set the stage for the Gold. Dago Red, Rare Bear, Sept Fury, Czech Mate, Dreadnaught and Ridge Runner all raced in the final.

    Dago looked great and Bear wasn't far behind! No smoke trails were seen and it looked like they all finished healthy for the weekend.
    Sept Fury held 3rd with Dreadnaught 4th. Czech Mate held off a hard charging Ridge Runner for 5th & 6th.

    Stay tuned here for "official" results and if any news comes out on Miss Americas' condition.

    I had the pleasure to meet 'Eric' out there, too! It was fun!


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    Re: Observations from the fence....

    I failed to mention, Spirit of Texas launched with the Silver Race and immediately returned, trailing all kinds of 'vapors'.

    The Yak(104?)also had a problem as I saw him launch, but not race.

    As always, the details will be here SOON!

    Can't wait!



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      Re: Observations from the fence....

      i must have missed ya ill be in section3 orange tomarrow out at the fence line if ya see me say hi (ill be bringing the whole fam-dam-ly)then ill be rushing home to wash the shirt before ill be inside for that. i might run out to the fence for the gold race thou. the bear looked great, hope he stays heathy for sunday.if so we will have a close race im sure!