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How it's all going to go down...

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  • How it's all going to go down...

    IF1/Sport and Unlimited races...

    3-way Idaho based Formula One finish, with CG and Bowes @ 4th/5th.
    1. #95
    2. #12
    3. #44
    4. #69
    5. #59

    Greenamyer's back in action, but cannot catch Parker in the finals.
    1. #351
    2. #33
    3. #5
    4. #19
    5. #1

    Underdog's surprise many in the Unlimited Gold:
    1. #86
    2. #8
    3. #20
    4. #77 w/ sick engine
    5. #38 w/laps in the 450's.

    #4 leads several laps, but maydays with a wisp of smoke, 232 runs hard with lap speeds in excess of 500 (on old calculations), but exits course in one of the laps with a blown engine. The Bear stays high and wide for 4th place. 105, and 99 stay close and trade spaces several times before race end.

    Hisey takes 1st in the silver after a heated battle with Brown's in #5, and 911.

    Next year will bring Critical Mass, and Strega back to to circuit, along with the debut of 'Wildfire'.


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    Re: How it's all going to go down...




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      Re: How it's all going to go down...

      dago ?mayday? he was still in first place but i didnt see the smoke. more miss A i saw the smoke on her. i wish them better luck she was looking good till she blew


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        Re: How it's all going to go down...

        Lowell.. whatchew smokin up yer way??

        Wayne Sagar
        "Pusher of Electrons"


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          Re: How it's all going to go down...

          The oldest Son made the post just after coming home from a long day at work at Les Scwab tires. Maybe he breathed too much asbestos brake dust or something today.

          Now my predictions also have Czech Mate and Precious Metal doing very well but my pick to win the Unlimited is September Fury. I was certainly rooting for John Parker to win it all in the Sport Class but this evening's news from WJP isn't too encouraging. I'm hoping just an oil line leak of some kind.

          Anyway, the kid used my username which wasn't planned. He didn't make it real clear he was talking about Sunday either.

          We are both hoping, however, to see Gary Hubler take the race #88 Yak "Night Witch" (not qualified under late registered entries rule) to a nice finish in Sunday's Bronze (for last place only prize money only under the rules).