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Thursday Update Sheet

Note: All race statistics, as posted in the official race results,
printed at day's end by the Reno Air Race Association.

9:00 AM

  • Sport Class- Taking the problem plagued "out-of-the-box" factory Lancair entry out on the course this morning in a specially allowed qualification attempt, reigning Sport Class Champion, Dave Morss, blistered the course with a 325.341mph effort! Dave's second place slot was earned with several days of intense effort and a beautifully flown track around the course...

  • Biplane Class- Race 30, Lucky 13, flown by Mike Stubbs, didn't make the first heat of the day... the engine would not start on Mike's Pitts Special... no word on cause of problem.....

  • Formula One- Race 45, Quad Nickel.... Ib Hansen was penalized for low flying on the last lap of IF1 Heat Race 1B....

  • Formula One- Race 30, Half Fast, flown by Dan Borgstrom, received a deadline cut in the same Heat....


  • T-6 Class- Unofficial Heat 1C results. Mystical Power, Race #21 with pilot T. Campau, took the lead in the second to the last lap and won the heat. Four Play, Race #4 came in Second place and Tinker Toy, Race 37 in Third place.

  • Sport Class- Unofficial Heat 1B results. Live Wire Race #9, Livio Bognuda took First place (without his hitchhiker this time), followed by Jon Sharp, in his Sport Class debut, flying Wright Wride Race 7. M. Jones in Cheeky CharleRace 10 took Third.

  • Formula One- Unofficial Heat 1A results. Ray Cote in Race #4 "Alley Cat" took First place. Gary Hubler, in Race #95 took Second place, Scotty Crandlemire, Race #12, took Third and David Hoover in Race #96 has Fourth place.

12:00 Noon-

  • Biplane Class- Unofficial Heat 1B results. Class Action, Race 20 piloted by Chris Ferguson took First place. Pilot Frank Jerant in Reno Rabbit, Race 16 took Second place and Bar Code, Race 111 piloted by Bob Blackwood took Third.

  • Unlimited Class- For unknown reasons, Race 21 Crusader, piloted by Nelson Ezell and Race 114, Argonaut, piloted by Dennis Sanders were bumped from Bronze Heat 1B and put into Medallion Heat 1C. Interestingly enough, Race 21 took First place and Race 114 took Second place, while Race 50, Miracle Maker, piloted by Ike Enns took Third place in the Unofficial Race results for Heat 1C


  • Sport Class Heat Race 1-A was mixed with triumph and heartbreak for the entrants today. As the field came down the chute, it was instantly apparent that someone had a runaway prop.... then the "Maydays" began...

    David Anders, flying Race 25, Eggstra Special had a prop governor failure at the start of the race with the sickening sound of of the runaway prop filling the sky over Stead.

    Anders engine lunched immediately filling the cockpit with smoke – David landed long and fast, the plane veered off the runway, going into the sand apparently hitting a rut or a concrete footing along side the runway, sheering the gear off and flipping the aircraft.

    Anders walked away from the crash and his newly designed carbon-fiber canopy frame is accredited to his survival. When rescue crews finally reached the crash site. Dave Anders was hanging upside down, strapped to his seat in the cockpit, reaching for the cockpit release. The rescue crew flipped the aircraft right side up and the cockpit latch was quickly released and Dave got out – a little bruised and battered but nothing broken.

    This was a tough break for David, who has put much effort into his Questair Venture aircraft over the last year, he was favored to win the sport class... Damage to the airplane was severe.. Unknown if Anders will rebuild..

    Michael Dacey, Race 71, Fool's Gold – Michael's landing gear wouldn't fully retract and as the race started, Dacy called a Mayday when the landing gear would not lock down for landing. There was some concern by race control that Dacy would foul the only available runway with Anders already sitting upside down on runway 14.. leaving no active runway to recover the racing field... The problem was made immediate though as Dacy was reporting a dangerously high oil temp.. Dacy landed safely with the fire crew following close behind. Quick action by the recovery crew had the runway cleared for use by the returning racers...

    Dave Morss, Race 99, Lancair IV – Even though we were following this series of mayday's closely on race control frequency... We're not sure exactly the order of the calls... Obviously, Anders' runaway prop and subsequent bad landing was the worst of the three. But when the normally calm Morss called his Mayday, the immediacy of his problems were apparent in the tone of his voice.

    Plagued with cylinder problems all week, the Lancair team was bitten again, when apparently, ADI failure burned two pistons. Lou Meyer flying in the Thunder Mustang, first noticed Morss smoking and called this to Dave.. Morss too, was becoming aware of the problem as it was beginning to enter the cockpit. Pilots do not like smoke in the cockpit, thus the immediacy in Morss' mayday call..

    Dave landed safely, the Lancair team was putting the finishing touches on the new cylinder installs, as of 9:00 this evening.... The Race 99 will be back out again tomorrow in The Sport Class Heat 2A...


    Speaking of Lou "Sky Slut" Meyer (we're not being mean... Lou loves his nick-name) and the Thunder Mustang, Thunder Rose.... WOW! Congratulations to newcomer Lou Meyer and the Papa 51 team who have been working on this airplane intensely for months to get it ready for Reno 2000!

    "I went to school" said a beaming Meyer just after the race in the Sport Class hangar today... "I knew that no one had more experience on the course than Lee [Behel]" Lou continued "so I followed him and watched"

    This "education" process worked well for first time racer, Lou Meyer, dogging Behel for the entire six lap event, Meyer flew closer to Lee's Venture on each circuit... "I saw him cut the pylon" Meyer commented, "I knew I had it, I don't think Lee knew he cut the pylon, but I did, because I was right there."

    The airplane sounded GREAT from our vantage point on Pylon 8! Lou's mount is different than when we last saw it, being outfitted with the "Version II" Falconer V-12 engine... A different crank design and firing order make this airplane not only look like a 3/4 scale P-51... it SOUNDS like a 3/4 scale P-51!

    The airplane is sitting about 50' behind our temporary office at American Air Racing and there is not a drop of oil or trace of any problem anywhere on the machine.

    All of this bodes well for the design and the future of Papa 51..

Unlimited Class-

  • Though he did not have to race in today's action... The verdict from the engine crew after yesterday's run was not a good one for six time winner Tiger Destefani... Race 7, Strega is out of the action for Reno 2000...
  • Dan Martin, flying Race 20, Ridge Runner, had earlier stated he would not return to race at Reno for the 2000 event... Well he's here and he's certainly racing! 420.804 was Dan's winning speed in Heat 1A Silver.

Note: All race statistics, as posted in the official race results, printed at day's end by the Reno Air Race Association.

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