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Saturday Update Sheet

Note: All race statistics, as posted in the official race results,
printed at day's end by the Reno Air Race Association.

  • All Classes: Sorry for the late update, we spent the entire day out at the pylons taking pictures for upcoming Reno 2000 Galleries. Here's a brief run down of what happened today.

  • T-6 Class: Heat 2A proved to be a great race between Race 6, Six Cat, piloted by Nick Macy and Race 90 piloted by Gene McNeely. Macy barely took the win with a speed of 220.456, which was 0.147 miles or .27 seconds faster than McNeely. Jim Good, of Race 77, Wyoming Wildcatter, will be going to the Gold on Sunday by taking Third place in this race.

    With the new 'Frostbite' engine installed in Lickety Split Race 9, we hoped to see some serious action from Bud Granley. We think they still have some 'engine tweaking' to do before tomorrow's Silver Race.

  • T-6 Class: In the Bronze race, John Zayac in Race 12 Thumper, called a Mayday when he had a 'prop seal' go out on him. John landed the plane safely and the crew has repaired the damage. The team says that "'s good enough to fly home, but not to race". In late afternoon, we saw Race 12 on the ramp doing run-ups and even take off on a test flight.

  • Sport Class: The Cinderella story continues with Lou Meyer and Thunder Mustang Race 69. This was Lou's third race in this plane (or any plane for that matter) and his third win. We'll be watching Lou closely for that "four for four" win!!

    Even though we saw Dave Morss in the outside lane, in his Race 99 Lancair IV, he was the first to make the turn on Pylon 2 but then Dave called a Mayday due to external shaking of the plane. When Dave pulled up off the course and out of the race, the shaking stopped. After he landed, the crew found that a "gap seal in the aileron" had come apart and that had caused the problem. The plane has been fixed and will race tomorrow. We are hoping NOT to see a "four for four" Mayday, with Morss.

  • Unlimited Class: Another beautiful run by Skip Holm in Dago Red, Race 4, took the win, followed by Matt Jackson in Voodoo, Race 5. The Dago team reports that the past few races have been around 450mph, and that "..Dago still has a lot of room to play"

    So what do the heat race battles from the past week tell us about what we'll see tomorrow....

    Attrition has been a large part of the story this week, with some of the favorites in all three racing groups going down.. Strega - Dreadnought - Czech Mate - all potential gold winners.. out of competition..

    Riff Raff - September Fury - down... Moonbeam McSwine, though not out of service, last year's Bronze class winner, failed to meet the 300mph minimum Unlimited speed during qualifying....

    So where does this leave us for the top slots tomorrow....?

    Let's just take a look at the Gold class before we shut down the HQ here at Stead and call it a night (it's been a very long day)

    Dago Red.. Flown by Skip Holm, running very strong.. the obvious favorite....

    Voodoo.. Matt Jackson at the controls... the obvious second contender?

    Critical Mass.. Tom Dwelle at the helm... Strong airplane, good crew.. Tom has not had what anyone could call a great week but... Remember the sand truck that pulled into the Dwelle pit last year? We sure do! Could Critical Mass be the "Stealth" Racer?

    There you have the three favorites for tomorrow in our opinion... and NOT necessarily in the order printed here....

    Stay tuned!

  • Sunday Pairings: At the time of this writing, the Unlimited and the Sport Class Pairings were unavailable. We will post them as soon as possible tomorrow morning.

Click here for final qualification results

Sunday Pairings
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T-6 | Sport | Formula 1 | Biplane

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