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Friday Update Sheet

Note: All race statistics, as posted in the official race results,
printed at day's end by the Reno Air Race Association.


  • Formula One: Heat Race 1B proved to be a great race between Gary Hubler in Race 95, Mariah and Ray Cote in Race 4, Alley Cat. Gary took the lead from Ray in 6th lap and kept it till the end. David Hoover in Race 3 came in at a close Third place.


  • Unlimited Class: In Heat 2B, Robert 'Hoot' Gibson, piloting Race 99, Riff Raff, was looking strong in second position, when he called a Mayday in the first lap between Pylons 2 and 3. He brought the aircraft down hard and fast — pilot and plane are home and safe. Hoot was blistering the course at over 400mph (unofficially timed by the crew) when the airscoop located on the top of the cowling decided to come unglued. The end result was debris through the engine intake, causing major internal damage. A small chunk of the scoop also struck the vertical stab and caused a small hole.

    .... "it's nothing that money can't fix" Riff Raff owner, Mike Keenum said glibly when we asked the "how bad?" question. At this point, the team is unsure if they will bring the spare engine to Reno and fly the airplane home, or disassemble Riff Raff for trucking home. The spare engine is actually the engine they would have liked to race with this year but did not have time to install.

    Later, in the same heat, the leader, Bill Rheinschild, pilot of Race 45, Risky Business, called a Mayday in the 4th lap on the back of the course. Bill stayed high and brought Risky down as soon as the runway was clear. Apparently, Bill's power dropped from 100" down to 40" in seconds, which is definitely NOT a good thing. A check with the crew later, revealed the cause, Rheinschild's throttle linkage had broken. Risky will race again Saturday in good form

  • Sport Class: Heat 2A we saw the Factory Lancair running smooth and very fast, unfortunately for Dave Morss, the plane went wide and crossed the 'deadline' (off the course) and that's an automatic disqualification per RARA's rules.

    Lou Meyer, in Race 69, Thunder Mustang went on to win the race. That's "Sky-Slut's" Second race, Second win!! If this keeps up, we'll have to tie a string around his ankles to keep him on the ground but it may already be too late.. Lou's feet have not touched down since yesterday as it is..... Lee Behel in Race 5, the Questair Venture took the Second place position.

  • Unlimited Class: The last race of the day turned to be rather disappointing, again due to attrition. Critical Mass, Race 10 had fuel leak on the ramp and scrubbed.. Race 11, Miss America had a magneto problem and also did not start. September Fury, Race 232, piloted by Michael Brown, called a Mayday shortly after take-off due to a 'sick engine'. A late evening tour of the pits showed no activity in the September Fury pit.. no indication of how bad or if the airplane will race tomorrow. Critical Mass has their problem fixed... If they can win the Silver Heat tomorrow, they will still be in the Gold for Sunday.. No word from Miss A on the status of their repair but lack of activity and the "routine" nature of mag problems would indicate the problem has been taken care of...

  • T-6 Class: Jack Frost is out of it again due to a protest. In all fairness to Jack, the problem he was called on was purely a technicality and did not affect performance.. but it was an infraction and Jack was a gentleman and stood down for the balance of the event.

    This was to be Jack Frost's last year in T-6's anyway and his racer is for sale...

    An extremely excited Lickety Split, Race 9, crew is feverishly replacing their engine. The team just purchased an engine from Jack Frost of Race 47, Frostbite, after Jack posted signs around his pit that said 'For Sale'.

Note: All race statistics, as posted in the official race results, printed at day's end by the Reno Air Race Association.

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