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Dwight Thorne
The Doctor Is In The House!

Rolls-Royce Air Race Engine Guru - Building Engines Again

Reno Air Races Update
July 14, 2003
By: Wayne Sagar

The Doctor Is In The House

Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine Guru Dwight Thorne is back in the saddle and producing racing engines again at his Gilroy, California shop, Mystery Aire.

Dwight’s current project is a completely rebuilt "Mouse Motor" for the Dago Red Air Racing Team, who are in preparation for another run at the gold at the 2003 Reno National Championship Air Races, held this year, September 11-14 at the Reno Stead Airport, Reno, Nevada.

Thorne was temporarily put out of action early this year when he had, what was called at the time, a "massive stroke," Dwight had been in rehab for several months after the event. He is currently recovering very well, in good spirits and his comments today to AAFO.COM via a telephone interview were more than encouraging.

Our initial call to Mystery Aire was received by John Slack, who along with Steve Bartholf is assisting Dwight with the Dago Red "Mouse Motor." Never one to divulge much information to pesky reporters inquiries, Dwight’s answer to John, when asked "are we allowed to tell Wayne Sagar what we’re up to here, or will we have to electrocute him over the phone?" was a good natured… "we’re awash in Mouse Milk"..

We then spoke for a few minutes with the very busy engine man; Thorne sounded in very good spirits and had this to say about the upcoming races at Reno… "We’re just finishing up the Dago motor right now, that’s our focal point.. you can tell everyone, we’re going to be at Reno."

Of his stroke, Dwight told us "we are expecting a full recovery." If his alertness and wit during our conversation today are any indication of his recovery to date, it sounds like this is a good bet!

Dwight Thorne participated in a Q&A session with visitors to this website last year, that we called "Ask The Doctor." With scant weeks left before "Reno 2003" the news that "The Doctor" is recuperating well is icing on the cake that this year is shaping up to be!

For tickets and further information about the National Championship Air Races, visit the official web site for the event,



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