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Well it was the last time there will ever be air racing at Reno, Nevada. They are not dead, efforts underway to keep them going elsewhere. Photo reports of this year's events and information on when-where the next location might be located!
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We are racing again at Reno, Nevada's National Championship Air Races! Visit the message board for up to the minute photos and  reports from the event. The national Championship Air Races, the only place in the world where you will see wingtip to wingtip AIR RACING!
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National Air Racing Group Banquet Report

If you are already a member of NAG, you've probably read the great report by NAG's Frank Ronco, published in the Nag Newsletter (NAG Rag). With generous permission from the author and the National Air Racing Group, with pleasure, we reprint it here for your enjoyment!
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From The Archives: 1998 Interview with Bill Kerchenfaut

We're digging in the archives again! 1998 saw this site's second anniversary, here we are and it's 2012!... Many things have changed, many things have happened. As always, Mr. Bill "Kerch" Kerchenfaut continues to bring his skills to the world of Reno Air Racing. Please enjoy this presentation from the AAFO.COM archive bin.
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From The Archives: 2000 Furias Returns
With the Reno National Championship Air Races and air only scant weeks away, we dig into the archives with a look back to 2000 and the return of Furias! Enjoy..
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Planes of Fame 2011 Air Show MAY 14 & 15
Are you ready for the West Coast's premier warbird Air Show? This year the Planes of Fame Air Museum, celebrates 100 years of Naval Aviation and once again, Victor Archer comes through and takes us with him to "Media Day" at the Chino Air Show! ..  [read story]
RENO 2010 THE EVENT! Tuesday 09-13 Photos
Simply amazing flying history and racing in one package! We offer a photographic view of the second day of qualifications at the World's Fastest Motor Sport premier event. The Reno National Championship Air Races and Air Show..
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RENO 2010 THE EVENT! Sunday 09-12 Photos
Beautiful sunset with puffy clouds made for a great day of photography on Sunday at the Reno National Championship Air Races and Air Show. Qualifying begins today, who will make it into the show on this first day? ..  [view images]
RENO 2010 THE EVENT! Saturday 09-11 Photos
The single most important event of the year for fans of this site and Air Racing, the 2010 National Championship Air Races are here! Qualifying begins on Monday. Enjoy some photos from Saturday 09-11 ..  [read story]
Planes of Fame 2010 Air Show MAY 15 & 16
For many aviation fans on the West Coast, the "Chino Air Show" is THE SHOW of the year! AAFO.COM contributor Victor Archer attended the media day, pre-show event last week and his report kicks off this season's reports on aviation events. Join us as we take a look at Victor's pre-show Chino report ..  [read story]
Remembering THEDOCTOR
Last year, a legend of motor sport slipped from this mortal world into the realm of the great men and women who have passed before him. In 2002, AAFO.COM paid tribute to Dwight Thorn with a story we created from the annual National Air Racing Group banquet. In his honor, we remember him as we revisit this report...  [read story]
click on airshow photography to enlarge Furias: "Pilot Wanted - Bring Money"
Just when you think it can't get any better! Furias owner, Bill Rogers checks in with news that the airplane will be at RENO for the 2008 Unlimited Championship Races!....
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click on airshow photography to enlarge 2008 Chino Air Show Report
AAFO.COM is certainly blessed having contributors who rank among the best of the best in aviation photography representing us!! Join Victor Archer and his son Jeffrey at the Chino Air show 2008 as they file this report from the classic west coast event. [read more]

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