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Flame Dance Dreams

As the tarmac cools from the heat of the day,
and the great boiling sun to the moon gives way,
if you hear a sound like a Merlin, son,
don't walk, don't jog, get up and RUN.

For only a few witness magic like this,
when a wizard's exhale can bring about bliss,
Flames that reach from deep down inside
flash for an instant, then flicker, then hide.

Dancing blue, then red, then orange, then gold,
colors that hint at stories of old.
Echoes of legends that won't ever fade,
reminding us all of the sacrifice made.

Spirits of fire let loose in the night,
aching for power, for freedom, for flight.
Calling us all to the battle of speed,
Giving their life for their beautiful steed.

Somewhere between asleep and awake,
the flame dance performs for all who partake.
Like a dream slipping loose before it's begun,
gone in the morning with the first ray of sun.

A sight to behold for the fortunate few,
a subtle reward for an overworked crew,
So a word to the wise, my passionate son,
if you hear a Merlin tonight, get up and RUN.

-D. de Vos-

This picture was taken very late on Tuesday night after Dwight Thorne and the Strega Air Racing Crew had bent the wrenches for nearly two long days to complete repairs on their racer. She sounded good and there were smiles all around... But... This Flame Dance Dream was just a dream.

Though Tiger managed to get the airplane into the show with a respectable qualifying run the next day. "We're done" were the words he would have to swallow on Thursday.. The engine had damaged a main bearing from the earlier problems, Tiger would have to wait another year for his "last" run at Reno...

click link for audio of this engine run

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