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If you ever wonder what the action looks like for the Flagmen at the Reno National Championship Air Races, here's your chance to share the view!

Dale Tucker and Matt Ratliff might just have the best "seats" in the house during racing and time trials at Reno.

This picture of Jimmy Leeward flying his beautiful P-51D, Cloud Dancer, taken by Flagman, Matt Ratliff, from his position *between* the Home Pylon and the runway, shows just how close overhead they actually come to the guys waving those flags we all see out there at the start, last lap and final laps of each race.

Despite the great view, it is not all fun and games for these dedicated Volunteers! Hot, dirty and very long days are the price one has to pay for this position on the course. (not to mention the entire field flies nearly directly overhead for each event!)

Dale and Matt are just two of the many individuals who "make it happen" each year at Reno, we'd like to take this opportunity to say THANKS to all of the people who spend their days annually at Reno making this great sport happen and happen in an extremely orginized and orderly fashion!

Matt Ratliff has a very interesting website with many photos taken from his extremely unique viewpoint. For a look at this and other interesting information contained there, visit http://www.axeman.net

Special thanks to Matt for providing this image for our POTW selection this week!

photo 2000 Matt Ratliff — all rights reserved
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