They were hoping to bring a mostly complete fuselage to Oshkosh this year. Obviously they won't be a Osh, but the Tsunami tent at Reno will be worth stopping by.

They are very serious about this rebuild, and equally serious about returning and racing at Reno. I think their biggest hurdle in getting the build done is a lack of manpower and time. I'm not sure what Walter does for a living, but Johnny works for Pat Harker. I'd bet they would be happy to have some help once this plague has run its course. Donations are always welcome as well.

I think the day Tsunami touches down at Reno marking its return, we will see something special happen. There are still people who want to go fast, and are willing to throw lots of $ and time at the conquest to do so. Heck, I'd bet even with a stock Merlin, Tsunami would still scoot right along. Heck, in '86, their first year out Steve Hinton qualified 3rd at 435 mph. (Interestingly enough, Dreadnought won on Sunday with an average speed of 434 after qualifying at 452.) I'd say qualifying the same or better would be a good target for when they come back. (Its crazy to think the return could be 40 years after its first appearance.)