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Thread: Rare Bear Fan Sponsor Jacket Pictures

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    Default Rare Bear Fan Sponsor Jacket Pictures

    We've managed to get some pictures up at the Rare Bear site in the webstore section for joining the Fan Sponsor Club and man I'm drooling over the leather jackets!

    No $$ here for that level of support.. (sorry guys, we DO support the team but with sweat, which we have plenty of, not $$, which we have precious few of )

    Anyway, at click on any of the fan sponsor links and you'll *eventually* wind up at the webstore and can see the jackets.. The Nylon's are very cool but the Leathers are to die for!


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    Collectors Item...e-bay someday....more than a grand.....heheheh.

    I can't wait to get mine. (can't find the "drool" icon)

    No e-bay here. It'll go in my estate sale.

    Go Bear!

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