Yee Haw.. the good just gets better!

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A great deal of personal sacrifice went into this sim by the developer/publisher, Pat Hunt and I just want to make sure we all show our appreciation to him for bringing the sport into this level of main stream!

Now go buy a copy damint so the man don't have to sell his house!


Chips and bits now has it in pre order for the boxed version w/manual. I don't see how any "self respecting" race fan can go without having this on their shelf.. even if they don't have a computer.. and I can just about personally guarantee, if you walk up to Tiger with your copy, he'll sign it!

Pat stuck his neck out and emptied his wallet to get this thing to reality.. ya gotta love a guy with that kind of detrmination.

And.. ya just might be flyin the same thing some of the pilots use for off season training.... and there could even be more of that happening this coming June.. -stay tuned-