I have done the best I could in light of my "day job" to at the very least provide a calendar with an Unlimited Air Racing theme from my archives (74-04) every month. I have one for March at http://airraceaddict.com. I kinda had some issue with work taking me out of town for a while for weeks at a time, so the explanation for lack of updates, and I'm getting ready to go to RNO for a week, leaving tomorrow. I'll be at Circus Circus, ask for Bill Clark. Leave a message with # as I will be spending a good part of my day at McCarren Airport. We are starting Horizon Air service RNO-LAX in Q400's on Sunday, roundtrips and they need a mechanic down there for the start-up. I'd like to find time to get out to Stead and see if anyone will let me poke around.
Later, Bill ME PLEASE!