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Thread: Roush's Mustangs and Merlins

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    Default Roush's Mustangs and Merlins

    Figured I would put this over here to prevent further hi-jacking of the Strega thread.

    At Oshkosh 2003 Jack did a Warbird Showcase with Bud Anderson. One of things that Jack talked about was making contrails over the cold Michigan sky.

    He related that the last words many of the nascar fans say are "look Bubba I'm doing it, I'm doing it! Well he said that went through his mind moments before the Merlin quit making power! As I recall the carb was the problem, as it began to ice up and he was able to get things corrected once he dropped some altitude.

    He mentioned that once Glamorous Glen III was done, he planned on setting up the carbs and taking both GGIII and Old Crow up on a clear cold Michigan day to make some Mustang contrails for what he guessed might be the first time since the war in Europe.

    My friend Dan found the following links after tat, with some very cool videos if the mission. If you turn up the sound you can hear someone say, "we're doing it, we're doing it!!!"
    Check it out...

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    Default Hey ya'll... watch this!!!!!!!

    Now I'm not thinkin I'm gonna get in any trouble with anyone because last year, while hanging around with a lot of Tennessee and Kentuckey boys down Flaroada waay... I think I began picking up the accent fast enough to where they told me that the most common last words of a southern aviator, were, indeed.... "Hey ya'll... watch this!!!!!!!"

    I'd be in deep trouble if I hung around down south for more than a week.. I had a deep New York accent as a kid up till the first couple years of school after we moved west.. spelling phoneticlaly, I had problems with words like DRAWER spelling them DRAW... cause that's what they was darnit... it's a darn draw... draws was sumptin you wore for shootsakes..

    MOved out here, lost the accent pretty much completely, but I am now an accent chamelion... get me around ANY accent for more than a few days and I can't help myself, I adopt it and lose my northwesterner accent ey...

    HaH..... Now I hijacked YOUR anti hijack thread with accent talk... neenerneener!!

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