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Thread: Hey, I'm in EAA's Sport Aviation!!

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    Default Hey, I'm in EAA's Sport Aviation!!

    Just got the December issue and there I am on page 30, in a picture from an article about Reno. I'm the motely looking guy, behind the guy in the baby blue shirt, and red cap.

    Now if I could just get a picture I took in the magazine!!

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    Default Re: Hey, I'm in EAA's Sport Aviation!!

    Lol....The backside of my head is probably my best profile

    Congrag....I never made it into a mag, but my friend's car (the one I rode in to reno) made it into a copy of Air Classics in '85, in the background of one photo of a Mustang (N10607, the The Sanders plane that cartwheeled during landing during one race).

    ...We just barely missed the photographer. He shot the photo on the military display end of the field while we were strolling the pits.

    If you have a copy of the 1985 issue with the reno air race article, you will see his car behind the damaged P-51, a beige VW Rabbit...
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    Default Re: Hey, I'm in EAA's Sport Aviation!!

    By the way, the guy on the cover is Blue Thunder crew member Perry Johnson. I really need to write a story about why that is so significant to me (no it is not my photo).


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