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Thread: Unlimiteds Wanted Back

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    Tyson, I talked with Bob Odegaard (forgive me if I mispelled his name) several years ago at Oshkosh and at that time, once he finished a more trustworthy engine for the airplane, he said he did intend to race at least in the bronze.

    The engine that was in the airplane then did go south before the end of Oshkosh and he has since replaced it. Whether his intentions are still to bring it to Reno and race it are unknown to me at this time.

    It is a very rare bird, indeed, and some critics would really bash Bob, I'm sure, if he did actually race it.

    As far as an invite to Nellis, I'm sure that if he were interested, he'd be welcomed with open arms. He's one of the midwest flyers though and it's going to be tough to get them out to Vegas in the nasty weather that can plague that route at that time of year.

    BTW... nice photo!


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    Tyson, That is a great photo. Thanks for posting it!

    If any of us see Bob O we need to all re-encourage him to bring #57 to pylon school and then a week at Stead in September. Maybe if he hears it from enough of us??? After all the F2G's biggest claim to fame historically was around the pylons. That's where the mighty F2G belongs. I think the "too rare to race" critics are wrong, but I guess we couldn't really blame Bob for just running her gently in the Bronze the first time or two out. If someone would then sponsor all expenses for a full blown race motor...

    It WILL be good to see probably all three Sea Furies from my list back next year.

    I knew I should have capitalized the word "EXISTING" in the post as several wrote in racers now gone. I thought about a second post asking what one extinct Unlimited racer (no pilots or owners need be mentioned) would readers most like to see recreated for racing. Though there would likely be many faster possibilities, and I can easily name a dozen I'd love to see again, I would almost have to go with the Crazy Horse #90 P-63 N9009 which was lost about a week before Reno in 1972. With a trick paint scheme I would have a hard time imagining a cooler looking racer.

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    Well, although I've been taking a self-imposed back seat to working on what's going to be happening with the AAFO/ merger... I thought I'd share a sneak peek at what you can be looking forward to in the future. To the best of my knowledge, this photos has never appeared on the net or in any publication of note, and are not likely to be duplicated elsewhere. So I give you a shot for the record books - and something that basically says it all in a nutshell.

    The Red Baron - history in the making
    Chino, Jume 4,1975 - right hand static shot of the RB-51 under construction of the retrofit Griffon engine with counter-rotating props & various structural modifications required (Rick McClain in the cockpit).
    Photo Credit... Copyright © 1975 Dick Philips Colletion via D.Dawson

    In time, you will play witness to the most complete historical photo archive of this famous racer ever produced... along with captions that describe the events that took place at that time. My main purpose here at AAFO will be to bring back the historical archives of days gone by in a manner befitting the subject. To do less is a disservice to both the race fans, and the men involved in the creation of these rare and historically significant "Racers of the Past"

    Hopfully this post will wet your whistle on things to come

    Also... I would like to ask that if anyone who shares this passion of bringing the sport of air racing to it's next level, to contact me personally in order to complete what will become "the" airracing archive - bar none. Photo submissions as well as technical background on these historic birds is and will be most appreciated. Thanks again for your consideration.
    Mark K....

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    Question Re: Unlimiteds Wanted Back

    Impressive pics of Corsair 57 and Red Baron...certainly great candidates as well.

    What is the story on Strega ?

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    It's trully amazing to me that any of the RARE aircraft owners take them out to Reno at all. Just think Howard Pardue's bearcraft is a 2 million dollar plane. Michael Brown's tigercat at least 1 million. Thomas Camp's wildcat is upwards of 2 million, and any of the mustangs are over a million each. So looking at it from a poor boys point of veiw, I feel we are very lucky that those guys with money fly them at all, let alone race them. So this fan would just like to thank them all for letting the rest of see them outside a measum setting. Keep them flying guys, we love you for it!

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    I also would like to see F2G #57 race again but a lot of work will be needed to make her competitive. In the 1949 Thompson, Cook Cleland won it in #94 at only 397.071 mph with his fastest lap being at 406.351 mph. That was with a clipped wing, striped down plane with a special prop. #57 is a basic stock F2G. #57's 3rd place speed for the 1949 Thompson was 387.589 mph. Accorsing to the book "GOODYEAR AIRCRAFT", Don Armstrong was able to get a F2G above 500 mph by diving from 12,000 feet.

    May all your bent wings be F2G Corsairs!


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    Quote Originally Posted by tvrphoto
    There's that eerie distant rumbling that is cliche of an ominous threat. I have only experienced that at Reno.
    You were warned about the Polish...

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    Thats a cool picture of Red Barron. I have to agree that it would be good to see F4Us and F4Gs at the races, there are far too many that don't show up even as a show and shine. They are just cool to see, let alone race. As for cool planes to race, it would be cool to see someone bring out some more Tigercats and perhaps even an A26 Invader (they have raced in the past) or two. Round engines are cool. If Reno became a bigger warbird show and shine as well being a race, some owners might really get into it and the bronze class might fill with some really cool stuff.

    Just a thought,

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    Quote Originally Posted by tvrphoto

    Not to dwell on #57, but is there something about the F4G that makes it extrodinarily rare, or is it just due to the fact it's an F4G? Also, I remember the narrator at Oshkosh commenting on the single white prop blade. Can someone remind me of the significance of that feature. Thank you Wayne for enduring my ignorance!
    The F2G Corsair was/is a redesign of the standard Corsair replacing the P&W 2800 with a P&W 4360 and the canopy with a bubble canopy. It was built by Goodyear with a very limited production, only -3- examples remaining (not counting the one burried at Cleveland Hopkins that was used for fire practice in the 50's) F2G #74, owned by the Western Reserve Historical Society awaiting funds for Bob Odegaard to put back together, won the 1947 Thompson Trophy Race with Cook Cleland as pilot. XF2G #94 (the one burried at Hopkins, engine & prop at the Western Reserve Historical Society, Engine Mount used by Odegaard for #57) won the 1949 Thompson Trophy Race, also piloted by Cook Cleland. F2G #57, owned and flown by Bob Odegaard, won the 1949 Tinnerman Trophy Race, piloted by Ben McKillen Jr. There is a stock F2G also in a museum. When their engines stayed together, they dominated the Postwar Cleveland races that they entered, taking 1st & 2nd in the 1947 Thompson, 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the 1949 Thompson.

    But, I've lived in the shadow of Cleveland Hopkins Airport all my life so I'm probably biased, but to me, the F2G is the Ultimate Racer!

    May all your bent wings be F2G Corsairs!

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    I almost forgot.

    The single white blade on #57 is for effect. At the rev's that it turns, it makes the engine look like it's loafing. #57 origionally had it. Odegaard recreated it. One story I heard is that origionally it was a replacement blade and they didn't have time to repaint it. Cook's mechanic tried the effect in Korea on their std. Corsairs but with the revs different, it didn't give any effect.

    May all your bent wings be F2G Corsairs!

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