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Thread: Any new planes out there?

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    Rumor was it was Skip. I never saw the remains for proof, did anyone out there. I know he did catch a buzzard in "Shangri La" with an Air Classics writer on board.
    My dad once told me a similiar pillow strike story, but his involved a C-130 and a too tall tree....


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    Quote Originally Posted by AirDOGGe
    I also recall that someone hit a jackrabbit in mid-leap one year, but I cannot recall who did it or what year....Was this true, or was it just an ol' rumor? I know there have been bird-strikes before out there, but a bunny-strike is just too funny (and makes for one heck of a logbook entry!)

    Yeah, Skip hit the jackrabbit back in '81 in Jeannie. The following year he had a buzzard-strike while he was racing Shangri-La...which was the race that Michael O'Leary was riding along in the back seat for.

    But dang, just ain't as good as Lefty hitting that fence post.

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