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Thread: Vintage Thunderbirds and....

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    I guess I'm too young too!

    I did see them in Milwaukee in 1970, in the F-4's, but I was only 5yrs old and don't really remember anything. I did get to see them in the T-38's. I never saw the Blues until they were flying F-18's!!!

    I know my Dad has a few slides from the 60's when they were fying the F-100's. I need to try to get a hold of them and scan them.

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    Some more photos from the display at Chanute.

    My earliest air shows were at Cleveland in the early 60's but the F4's are the earliest Thunderbirds that made a lasting impression on me.

    I do remember that the local 60's Memorial Day parades used to get a jet, a F105C I think, from the ANG that would come in screaming and belching black smoke and flame out the back end just above the telephone poles and blast every ones ears out with a few passes. You could feel the heat from the exhaust if you were under where she would start pulling up! As a little kid, I thought that that was the best part of the whole parade!

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    the t-38's is as far back as i can remeber that t -38 photo brings back memoreys of that day i saw them when i was a kid mather afb i think it was

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    I remember the F-100's when I was a kid. Never saw the F-4's with either team unfortunately. When I got old enough to transport myself to shows the 'Birds were in the Talon and the Blues were in the A-4.

    Anybody remember the "Four Horsemen"? They were a four-plane demonstration group that flew the C-130. My stepdad had several photo's (which we can't presently find) of them in action.


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    Whew!! I thought I was going to offend you by pointing out that those F-100's were Skyblazers, I'm glad you did that on purpose. I guess it's getting to be the season to pull out old photos and challenge each other like that!

    I'm sure I was at that same airshow! I saw the T-birds everytime they were at Mather in the T-38. I was a cub scout when the T-birds first switched to the T-38, and I remember an article in "Boys Life" about them just after they'd switch from the F-4. I can remember I was thinking "WHY"? Hey, I didn't have to pay for gas at the time, I just wanted to see big, loud jets!!

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    I'll always have the memory of my first T-Bird show. It was at Laughlin AFB(Dad was an AF career man)and they were in the F-100s. Back in those days, the guys were allowed to taxi right up to the crowd line. Having those pitots and intakes coming right up to ya when you're a kid of about 7 left a visual I'll never forget. Also, I've seen the T-38s and F-16s a lot.

    The first Blue Angel show I saw was at McCord and they were flying the F-4s. It seemed they kept their distance(less overlap)in those big birds. It was an awesome show, regardless. Got to see them a LOT in the A-4s. Mostly at the Seafair Hydro Races in Seattle. Once, they flew a show at Mountain View when I was stationed in Alameda. We parked in the back side of show center, at the Lockheed parking lot and kept thinking......."Man, I bet if they opened the doors on that blimp hangar, that little A-4 could zoom right through there!"

    To give credit to our Northern brothers, I've seen the Snowbirds 2-3 times, and they put on a great show, too!


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    Wingman has some pretty neat Snowbird shots, maybe he'll post a few of them here..

    PS.. Viva Las Vegas!

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