Well, you guys were going to get a repreive from me for a few days when I jetted out to Nellis tomorrow but... it's been decided that I'm not quite ready for a 10 day outing annnnd that I'd be way more sensible to wait, fly out on Thursday with BeerNazi and make it the short version of "my week at Nellis"...

Besides, I think everyone's worried that I'd make the guards nervous bout them red lines down there!

So, in return for my extra time here on the site, I'm gonna try to do some catchup on the POTW stuff and add a special week long bonus thing with all the airplanes scheduled to show up down there for the demo races...

Some of you guys have some pretty good stuff that's been posted in 800x format.. if you have something you feel is really special of one of the following airplanes and you'd like it to be considered as one of the POTW candidates.... send it on in full size resolution. Don't resize it down, let me do that for you OK??...

Miss America
Dago Red
Rare Bear
Ridge Runner
Precious Metal
John Parker's "Blue Thunder"

Also, if you want to offer prints of the image for sale, please indicate that when you send in the image.. I'll let you know how that works if you do want to. Point on the sales is pretty moot though, if anyone was to have to eat on the sales of prints out of this website, they'd get pretty damn skinny!

This is not exactly how Mark K. and I talked about getting you guys to participate in POTW submissions, eventually, once I get my rear in gear and let Mark run with his changes and learn myself to be able to function within the proggy he's going to use, I think this stuff will be more automated..

Send photos in via the submit@aafo.com email addy. as an attachment. If your email program will handle it, send them as full size, out of the camera or scanner as a high quality .jpg file. Mark K. taught me a trick on the resize that helps keep the diagonal jaggies from getting too awfully bad. One of these days, I'll open up a section or a feature page that has a photo tip/trick of the day, prolly ask for submissions from you guys and offer a prize for the ones we use. Being the low budget airline that we are, the prize will prolly be a Southwest Airlines bag of peanuts or something of equal vaule or *something* worthwhile to keep for fun...

Can you tell that I'm determined to have fun with this site again!!!!!!!???

Bout lost everything this year, now I'm gonna grab at having the time of my life with all my friends, you guys here on this site!

Don'cha love the Net!