I've been really quiet so I wanted to drop in and say


Why I've been quiet...

I'm getting over a 3 month ordeal with first "walking pnumonia" which finally turned into full blown pnumonia!

Thought for sure that I had managed to get covid! I honestly thought I might not make it just before being taken to the ER in Astoria... goid folkls tested my blood, gave me an xray poked and proded for possible liver problems... in the end they found a nice blob of infection in my lower right lung... IV antibodies followed by 10 days of pills and I'm finally over the sickness but now have to recoup from fatigue, weak muscles and nearly 20lbs weight loss... (weight loss I can handle) it's strange only weighing in at 158lbs but.. I look good... LOL!!

Anyway, that's where I've been...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all your dreams come true!