I don't know if all of you know the connectivity issues I've had over the past two months, I'v done my darndest to keep up with the site and my email.

**SOMEHOW** over the past two months while I've been living in the motorhome, my email became screwed up. Some of it was logical trace error log output, find problem, fix..

SOME OF IT... i.e. email to me, wound up in some sort of twilight zone!

I combed log files, reset this, added that.. thought that no email was getting to the server.. nope, only my address.

I fiddled with so many internel server settings, it's lucky that I didn't cook the sucker with bogus commands!

At the end of the day.. I finally had time to log into my paypal account, which is SUPPOSED to forward all donations and transactions on it... which it has not been doing..

All I can say is, I have not had time to go through and thank each of you individually, I've just discovered this...

I'm extremely touched!

I'm going to set up, at least a two year prepaid home for us, I may make it three or four, if I can get a really good price. Not sure if it's good business sense for us to go that far out though, so probably just the prepaid two years, with two more in reerve....