I seem to be able to receive messages from the contact form, nothing coming to me from the board. I use a third party filtering system (spamarrest) and that seems to be the problem..

To be honest, we had a "kitty crisis" over the past few days.. Neither myself or BeerNazi ever had children, we had two cats, one is my daughter, absolutely, will break my heart when she goes... the other was an adult rescue kitty, really a character, we got her to replace one that died a few years ago.. She had a very small brain cap and we were told she was "", she was like a kitten for her entire adult life.

Over the weekend, her very cancer ridden liver failed and we were forced to put her down.

If you've never had kids, when you lose a pet, it's probably almost as hard.. at least initially!

Long story short, I found a kitten for Linda, we went and got her and we've been preoccupied since!

BUT.... It appears, my email system for my email only is borked! I'm not getting my email message board digest, the only thing I get is spamogram messages that come in via the contact form..

Still living in the motorhome, leaving for a week in Portland in the coach, while getting final stuff (furniture, YAY) out of the unit and moved to new digs..

Most people my age are moving out of places like what we just bought..


I've been given the name of a very good lawn guy, "Lorenzo"...

I believe I will be in contact..

Will you guys try to contact me both at wsager@aafo.com and via the contact form??

I really need to figure out what to hey is happening...