Having begun my Unlimited racing crew experience with Rare Bear and at that time living less than a mile from Lyle's Reno condo we had spent a fair amount of time having lunch and occasionally, adult beverages. Carl Friend was a genius engineer who was always thinking of innovation. Some have said his ideas were better conceptual than practical. The three bladed prop was an excellent conceptual idea but not enough testing was able to be performed to really know for certain if it was superior to the four bladed prop. The three bladed prop did seem to produce more vibration and may have contributed to more twisting of the air frame. But it sure did sound bitchin"!

The V-tail concept had one drawback with regards to the Rare Bear. The preliminary sketches showed the aft fuselage would have to lengthened for stability (much like a Bonanza). That would be impractical for the Bear which at that time was already prone to aft CG issues. Also, there was some concern about the V-tail withstanding the high G-loads of racing at Reno. The biggest obstacle was that it would have been ungodly expensive with uncertain benefits.