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Thread: OFF TOPIC - Santa Maria Airshow

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    Default OFF TOPIC - Santa Maria Airshow

    Allow me to toot my horn a bit. My last show of the season was held in Santa Maria, CA, the Central Coast Airfest featuring the Canadian Snowbirds. The Snowbirds and I both nominated the show for the ICAS Pinnacle Award for Best Small Show in North America and ICAS agreed as they received the award last week at the ICAS convention. A remarkable achievement for a new show.

    For those in the area I'd encourage you to consider attending in 2019. Here's a sample of the event. Yours truly has a very, very, very brief appearance at about the :38 mark. Enjoy
    Owen Ashurst
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    Default Re: OFF TOPIC - Santa Maria Airshow

    I didn’t know about this show until a month or so before. I used to go to the “old” Santa Maria airshow before the hiatus. Military was usually pretty good. Hornet demos, warbirds, etc.

    What caught my eye was the attractions seemed similar to Hangar 24’s airfest which I attended in May for the first time. I don’t know what you guys actually got to fly military wise, but Central Coast airfest noted things about C-17 and T-38s on Instagram.

    For me personally, I only go to airshows that will give me something special or different if they’re out of my way. For me last year, Hangar 24 was one of those shows. They had a special lineup including the Viper and CF-18, and those that follow airshows know that 2 jet demos (especially when the Navy pretty much haulted all Super Hornet demos last year) is impressive, especially at a small airport like Redlands. They also had other out of the ordinary military stuff that was the real selling point, F-15s making some low approaches and passes, C-17/KC-135 passes. These are the real kickers for me since I don’t see that at every airshow.

    Hangar 24 has the A-10 this year, and I think the A-10 is awesome, but compared to fighter jets the demo is VERY boring and I won’t go out of my way to see it. Santa Maria getting the Viper is a great deal, if you can top it off with some more special military appearances and warbirds it’s gonna be a great show! I’ll be seeing the Viper demo at Thunder over Michigan, planes of fame, AND Miramar so it probably won’t be a selling point for me this year, BUT definitely can be for some others. Good luck!
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    Default Re: OFF TOPIC - Santa Maria Airshow

    That video was really really good there young man. The shots over the Pacific were amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: OFF TOPIC - Santa Maria Airshow

    Hey Owen, nice job, THANK YOU for sharing here!
    Wayne Sagar
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