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wsager, I have flown in and out of evergreen quite a bit, especially when Wally was still alive, is there anything going on over there still or are they going to turn it into something else? Used to love to fly over there many years ago to fuel up and roam around, I've seen Bird dogs, Navions and all kinds of aircraft just sitting outside, parked. Sad to see it go though..chuck.
Chuck, I have not stopped in to ask but, when I was going over next door to the treatment center daily for two months, during the nice weather, there was a lot of activity there. It could all have been touch and go stuff though. There are a fair amount of airplanes tied down on the field and since the backs of the hangars face the street, I can't tell what might be in them (assuming they are open on the other side.)

I'll have to stop in and ask around. Probably worth a short story, at least. For sure, it's all built up around it on al sides, especially on the areas under and up to both ends of the runway. I thought I'd heard it was closed and plowed and until I moved up here, I knew nothing better. It certainly appears to be open, though very run down.