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Thread: Golden Age racers you would to see "modernized"

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1:1 Scale View Post
    Well, the thing that made me think of the idea was that, for example, the DH-88 was a 230-240mph airplane, but it LOOKS like it's capable of 350-400mph. So other than raw horsepower, what was holding it back? Add some modern engines and props that should fit the space allotted pretty well, do all the "invisible" aero clean up that has been learned in the past 70+ years, and let 'er rip!

    I'm sure there are plenty of other planes that I'm not aware of that would probably benefit greatly from the same concept.
    The Comet was a pretty clean airplane even back then, built like the Mosquito from wood and then fabric covered. The big thing with the Comet wasn't all out speed, they were built for the MacRobertson Air Race from London to Melbourne, so range was the big thing for them. Sure they were also pretty quick for their day too. but in terms of golden age racers, hmmm so many to chose from, of course the Hughes H-1 would be a choice, or any of the Roscoe Turner airplanes.
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    ok I'll play: the Bugatti with a Merlin

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