Thank God for all the wonderful people who take time to send comments, photographs, etc. on this website. As a person who worked the air races for more than 30 years beginning with the very first race down at Bill Stead's ranch but now is unable to physically participate I really miss being part of the action. The folks who report here bring a ray of happiness to me as they share their comments, expertise and photos and I will be eternally happy for the site and their contributions.
In years past the local newspaper used to provide excellent coverage of the races via the efforts of a remarkable lady named Marilyn Newton and her news gathering crew. The coverage lately has dwindled until this year when there was virtually NO coverage---One very small photo of the Breightling air demonstration team and another very small photo of a T6 on the ground with a collapsed landing gear and not so much as even on a caption on the photo! One interview with The "Over The Hill" gang who are a regular fixture at the races graced a page near the back of the paper. Todays only 5PM Sunday TV news said not one single word about the races! Those responsible for this lack of entheusiasm for a One Of A Kind world class event should be replaced and hung out to dry.

Again, THANK YOU to all who contribute to this outstanding site and work so hard to make it possible