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OK Race fans I am happy to announce that an agreement has been reached. Unlimited Air Racing will return to Reno for its 50th year. The agreement was reached where the Unlimited Division has agreed that all its racers will join the new RARA Division. The transition will be a smooth transition as RARA has worked hard to maintain the high standards required for our race class. All our racers are looking forward to a great race and hope that all the fans previously discouraged will reconsider their commitment by participating and help supporting the new race organization. The transition has not come to pass easily. Tense negotiation was involved, so no stone was left unturned in regards to safety. You all have heard rumors of the altitude safety rule. We are now confident that our racers will have the latitude necessary to conduct a high energy race that has come to be expected in the fastest motor sport on earth. Good going racers and congrats to RARA for continuing its commitment to maintain our historical event.

Matt Jackson
VP Unlimited Division