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  • New Site Search For AAFO

    Phew! I became somewhat obsessed with getting a search engine on this site that was an INTERNAL one and not one that depended on any outside source to index the rather deep (read that OLD) content on this site.. I can't find things on it most of the time!!

    Anyway, found a GREAT one, implimenting it was not easy but I think it all hooked together pretty well, I've found stuff using it that I'd LONG ago forgotten.. Still playing with the method of crawling, what it indexes and whatnot.. It got stuck in a loop in the calendar utility for the message system! That would have gone on FOREVER had I not caught it and turned off indexing for the Hangartalk board.. (has it's own engine anyway)

    So, go ahead and give er a try, it's sitting right up on the front page fairly easy to see, the old "search" link will still bring up an instance of it, though, it's sort of redundant..

    Amazing how much work you can get done when your GF goes away for a week..

    Wayne Sagar
    "Pusher of Electrons"