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Dream Machines show in Half Moon Bay

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  • Dream Machines show in Half Moon Bay

    Judging by all the a/c flying over the wedding I was at in Half Moon Bay, the Dream Machines show on Sunday (28th) should be great. Saw a B25, multiple P-51s, Eddie's Yak-9 and Getch's Sea Fury! Definitly worth attending if you're in the area :-)

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    re: Dream Machine Show at HMB

    It was a good show at the Dream machine Show, but there wasn't a B-25 at the show. What you may have seen was either one of two Lockheed 12's or a Beech RC-45, that was selling rides.


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      It was definitely a B-25. It might not have been at the show, but it flew over just as the wedding was ending (even got a great picture!) It sure made a nice touch as the bride/groom walked down the isle