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  • iPlane Spotter for iPhone

    Thanks to Wayne, for allowing me to post this here. Although I am new to the air racing community, I have been involved with warbirds since 1995 and an aviation nut all my life.

    I would like to announce the availability of "iPlane Spotter" for iPhone. Please check it out at:

    The direct app store link is:

    This was first conceived as a fun utility with warbirds in mind. Then, it became obvious that with a little modification, it could perhaps be even more useful for the air racing community. Version 2.0 of iPlane Spotter has a new section devoted to air racers, with classes, race numbers and pilot names.

    Blake Palmer

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    Re: iPlane Spotter for iPhone

    Sounds cool, I'll have to check it out.



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      Re: iPlane Spotter for iPhone

      Damn iPhone. Its way too easy to spend a buck here, two there. Bought the app. It works. Looked up an F-100 I saw up in Moontana over the 4th of July. Info matched the N number database on the web. Kinda cool not to have to wait until you get home to learn about an a/c.
      No pixels were harmed, honest.