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  • live broadcast?

    Does anybody know if there is going to be a live broadcast,last year rara website had it.Its the only way i will make it through the week .I cant make it up there tell friday.

    thank you


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    Re: live broadcast?

    I believe Jeff Lee said there would no live broadcast this year. I'll look for that thread...

    About two-thirds down page three is his statement:

    All Air Racing All the time! Unregistered visitors: this forum is open for your reading enjoyment. We invite you to join so you can enjoy the full features of this system. Including file uploads, event calender, private messages and more. Due to an unmanageable amount of SPAM membership applications, the join process is a few step process. It all makes it secure!
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      Re: live broadcast?

      Last year on Sunday, the Reno Gazette Journal news paper had a live feed from their web site. News of this did not show up on the forum until late in the day.


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        Re: live broadcast?

        Also, on page 3 of the discussion board is our press release outlining the coverage that we will have.

        I watched some of the archive of what was put out last year. Can't say much about it.

        Eric, Watch for our daily reports beginning Wednesday, which should be posted by late at night or first thing Thursday morning. And the same for Thursday/Friday. Those should have you up to speed for when you arrive on Friday.

        We will try to post a link here.

        Jeff Lee


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          Re: live broadcast?

          I think Jason may be referring to the audio stream that RARA provided via their website the last few(?) years. There hasn't been any mention of it that I have seen here or on their website.
          Anyone know if that is planned for later in the week?


          P.S. - I guess this serves as my "coming out" party as a very longtime lurker. No turning back now....time to get engaged in the conversation!

          P.P.S - As my first offering....Jeff, you have my appreciation and thanks for all you do for the NCAR and aviation in general. My earliest memory is on the ramp at KMSL watching Southern 404's. Anyone who shares that passion and supports aviation as you do is a friend I simply haven't met yet!