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An open thank you to Mr. Rod Lewis

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  • An open thank you to Mr. Rod Lewis

    Dear Mr. Lewis,

    Thank you so much for the effort you and your teams make to provide us air race fans with a complete and exciting September event.

    Your generosity with your assets is so appreciated. All of us fans owe you a tremendous debt that we can never repay. Here is wishing you have a safe and productive September.


    Glen Merritt (planecrazy2)

    And every air race fan in the stands, and at home waiting for the news….
    '71 S.D.1000, '85-'91,'94',95,'97-'99,'02,'04,'06,'08,'10,'13,'14 NCAR.

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    Re: An open thank you to Mr. Rod Lewis

    Mr. Lewis,

    I would like to second this as I cannot express enough appreciation for what you do for the Reno Air Races and for everyday people like me that get to see some of the aircraft that you put in the air. I am bringing my 8 year old son for the first time this year and he will get to see some of the most amazing pieces of aviation history actually taking to the skies thanks to you!

    All I can offer in return is my heartfelt appreciation for all that you do for this sport and for the history of military aviation. Thank you.

    Tyler Packard

    As pointed out below, my thanks goes out to everyone who shares their passion for aviation with us. I am always amazed at the time and effort that the participants put in. What a treat it is that we get to go out and enjoy it all.
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      Re: An open thank you to Mr. Rod Lewis

      Ditto to the above two posts........not only to Mr Lewis, but everyone involved in Air Racing.


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        Re: An open thank you to Mr. Rod Lewis

        I too, Thank all the competitors for sharing
        their time, aircraft, and very livelihoods with us all
        for us to enjoy. We are so fortunate to be able
        to witness this.
        Thank You!


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          Re: An open thank you to Mr. Rod Lewis

          Agree, Thanks to Rod Lewis and all past, present and future people who have made this sport what it is.
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