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    Re: A silly season thought

    Originally posted by mrcraigarcher View Post
    I'm not sure September Fury, with a stock motor, will be in that group. She'll be in the gold for sure, but I'm not sure how much of a contender she'll be. I'm just happy to be able to see her race again! 232 has always been one of my favorite racers. I would love to see 232 get all the systems it needs, from Rare Bear or otherwise, to be a gold contender again.

    On the other hand, Voodoo should be well within this pack and pushing the leader, if not leading outright!
    AGREED! VOODOO should be right up there in that group.
    What about Miss A? Is she going to be sporting a full-on race engine this year?
    Anyone know?

    Damn...I just read the Miss A thread.
    Hope they can make it to Reno.
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