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  • Best/Easiest Web Design Software

    For those of you who have websites or build websites, what programs are you using to build them up. Dreamweaver, Expression Web or other????

    Looking to help/update a site that was originally built up using Front Page. Complete makeover is in order, with online store and a secure member area are all possibilities.

    Ease of use is a factor as there will be more then one person with little or no web design experience.

    Any information or recommendations would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Re: Best/Easiest Web Design Software

    I design pages and otherwise maintain my employers website. I like Dreamweaver and Expressions. If you know code notepad ++ is great. Latest compliance issues include css for all style control and not inline in the page. Divs are better than tables. PHP is to cool it's a bit of study but I can code HTML in my sleep and search the web for tutorials. There are many shareware shopping carts. Some even generate buttons. Remember to test in IE and Firefox and Chrome. FrontPage Na toss it and start over