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    Since this board uses a different format for the way it displays threads, coupled with the fact that some of the members who have slower connections are going to have problems with pulling up the threads if there are a lot of images in them.. It might be a good idea if we limit posting images in messages, unless, either the thread is about images, or if we post them in the image forum.

    I'm completely open to suggestion here but we have one valued member who is holding this new forum in disdain at this moment due to slow loading and I'm not totally sure this is the "why" but, it might be a good idea to try it this way.

    I have moved a few messages over to the photo forum for this reason. One of the very nice things about this forum system is that it allows us to edit or move posts without breaking the entire forum. Something that happend several times with the old system. Which then caused us to spend several hair pulling hours trying to fix whatever little single character was out of place in the data file that was causing the mess.

    Anyway, if we can try it this way, I think it might work better for all.

    You can always post an address to an image, which will show as a link, which can then be clicked on if the person pulling the thread up wants to. Otherwise, if a thread ran say 50 messages and there were 20 images in there, it could take forever for that thread to load.

    As in all things, this system is not perfect, I might have rather had the display of threads show up in the same "newsgroup" format that the old board did but we've yet to see a php/sql based board that does this.

    This board was a tough choice, both for format reasons and out of pocket cash outflow. But, since this website has grown to the porportions that it has, we felt it warranted getting the top-of-the line product for our users to submit messages and images and share ideas and ... whatever... with each other.

    We are also looking into a chat program, now that we have a very efficient language to use to impliment it. If any of you are interested in such a feature, let me know. Once we all get moved over here, I'll post a poll, which, by the way, registered users can also do. Or post events to the calender or ... almost everything that us admins and moderators can do.

    Thanks for partitipating! Hope everyone finds all the light switches ok before they stub their toes too many times..

    Wayne Sagar
    "Pusher of Electrons"